Level II and III NICU for Complex and Critical Illness

As the only hospital in southwest Las Vegas with both a Level II and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), our Birthplace is equipped with the staffing expertise and advanced medical technology required to treat a wide range of conditions, including babies born prematurely, with low birth weights, and with other medical conditions that require continued care.

  • Our Level II NICU is a special care nursery equipped to treat infants who are moderately ill.
  • Our Level III NICU has specially trained personnel to provide comprehensive care for those newborn infants with complex and critical illness. Choosing a hospital with an on-site Level III NICU is important, especially for those facing high-risk pregnancies.


Special Features

  • State-recognized Level III NICU with advanced care capabilities to meet any moderate to critical care needs your infant may experience
  • Physician specialized in the care of neonates available in the hospital 24/7
  • Specially trained neonatal registered nurses dedicated to providing evidenced-based family-centered care to your infant
  • A full multidisciplinary team of neonatal-trained specialists to assist in your infant's care including: Respiratory Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Lactation Consultants, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Case Managers and Social Workers
  • Family-centered care including daily parent updates by neonatology team and family-care conferences for any extended care needs as part of an individualized plan of care for your infant
  • Environment that promotes family bonding including “Kangaroo Care” which is a specialized skin-to-skin care
  • Environment that promotes breastfeeding, including dedicated breast pumps at infant's bedside, lactation care and donor breast milk for high-risk infants as indicated
  • NICU is open to parents 24/7
  • Specialized secure cameras are available for patients to be able to access live video feed of their infant when they are not able to be at the infant's bedside

Bailey's Room for NICU Families

As families prepare for their baby to leave the hospital, they might be invited to spend the day and night in Bailey’s Room, which is located in the NICU. This private environment allows parents to provide complete care to their child, with the comfort, reassurance and expertise of the NICU nurses just steps away.

*Parents are always welcome at their baby’s bedside. However, due to community situations (i.e., surges of COVID-19, RSV, or flu), we must sometimes limit visitation to one parent at the bedside at a time. We appreciate your understanding. Additionally, if parents are not feeling well, or think they have allergies, we encourage you to skip visitation and use our NICVIEW system to check on your baby. Because babies’ immune systems are not developed, it’s very important to consider your health and the health of others around you to protect your baby.