Maternity Center

Maternity CenterThe Maternity Center at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center offers compassionate care for moms and newborns in comfortable, all private rooms. Our team includes specialty-trained nurses and health care professionals. Our postpartum rooms each feature rocking chairs and oversized sleep chairs for family members including brothers and sisters of any age. We understand rest is important for recovery, so we welcome you to take a rest and re-energize whenever you want while we care for your new baby in the nursery.


When newborns need special care, our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is ready to provide comprehensive care and continuous life support for high-risk newborns and infants with complex, critical illnesses. We are the first hospital in southwest Las Vegas to offer both a Level II Nursey and Level III Nursery.

Tour the Maternity Center

To schedule a tour of our Birthing Center, call 702-388-4888.
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