Coordination of Care

When you choose Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center for inpatient rehabilitation, you will receive the full continuum of services and care. If you need urgent medical care, it is available to you right here at hospital, just steps away from our rehabilitation center. The multi-disciplinary team includes:

Rehabilitation Nurses — Provide 24-hour medical care and support. They help manage medications, reinforce therapy goals and are resources to patients and their families. 

Physical Therapists — Your physical therapists will focus on coordination, balance and gait training. Your physical therapist will help design a program to help you improve your mobility and strength.

Occupational Therapists — When you improve function, you can return to your highest level of independence. Occupational therapists focus on ADLs, including bathing, dressing and self-care activities. They also identify specialty equipment you may need following discharge.

Speech Therapists — Our speech and language pathologists treat speech and swallowing disorders and help you enhance your cognition and comprehension, verbal expression, listening, reading and writing, as well as attention, memory and problem-solving skills.

Case Managers — Your case manager acts as your liaison and works closely with you and your family. Your case manager helps establish your discharge plan and sets up home care and outpatient services needed following your discharge.